Where do your sessions take place?

I tend to choose my session locations based upon the time of year and the quality of light. There are lots of great locations in the Boston area. I am happy to recommend a few, and I love trying new locations if you have somewhere in mind. If our agreed-upon location is more than 20 miles from my home, a small travel fee may apply.


What time of day do you schedule your sessions?

I am happy to work around your schedule, but the most beautiful and flattering time of day to take photos is either early in the morning or right before the sun sets. The latter is often referred to as the "golden hour" because the setting sun offers up a beautifully soft, glowing light. As a mama of little ones, I realize that this is not always the best or easiest time of day...but I still highly recommend it when possible. 


Do you travel for photo sessions?

I love to travel, and have photographed people near and far. Travel fees may apply and I'd be happy to provide a quote. 


How far in advance should we book a session with you?

I am currently booking for Summer & Fall 2018. If you are interested in a session during those months, or if you are an expectant mama hoping to do a Fresh 48 or Newborn session, please let me know. Because I accept a limited amount of sessions, my schedule, especially for the Fall, tends to book up quite quickly, and i'd love to fit you in. 


Why don't you book more sessions?

After a couple incredibly busy Fall seasons, I've decided to book fewer sessions so that I can give each of my clients more of my time and attention. It is very important to me that every client with whom I work feels valued and by booking less sessions, I can ensure that this is the case. Also, I am a stay-at-home mama by day, so I've got 3 little humans who need me! :) 


What if my kids won't smile or sit still?

Almost every mama tells me their children won't sit still for a photo, may run away, probably won't look at the camera and will definitely not want to smile on command. And my response is that this is not only normal, but expected! We're really looking for genuine smiles and emotions over the posed ones, so it truly is not a problem. I want them to feel free to be themselves! For this reason, I always build a few extra minutes into the beginning of my sessions so that I may talk to your kids, get down on their level, ask them what they like to play with, make them laugh a bit, let them try out my camera, and just generally get to know them. This helps build trust and helps my sessions to run more smoothly...and if all else fails, I bring stickers and lollipops! ;)  


I've just had a baby, or I have toddlers at home, and I don't feel great about myself. I want photos of my family, but I generally hate how I look in them...this feeling makes me dread photos, and i end up snapping at my husband and my kids and everyone is miserable.

Sound familiar? Ha! Been there and I have your back. I am always aware of positioning mama in a way that is most flattering. We talk about this before your session and I guide you into flattering positions and give you tips and very subtle reminders during the session. And remember, the most important thing for your kids, when they look back at these photos 10 years from now, is to see YOU in them. They're not checking out your makeup or measuring your waistline or examining the bags under your eyes. They're looking at the way you smiled at them, the way you took them on your lap and tucked their head under your chin and held their hands in yours. 


When is the best time to do a newborn session and how do I book mine? 

I like to schedule most newborn sessions within the first 14 days of your baby's life, if possible. This is when the babies are easiest to transition without rousing them. That being said, I take a lifestyle approach to newborn sessions, which means that there are endless lovely, touching shots we can capture with babies of any age. If you are interested in a newborn session, please reach out to me as soon as you know your due date. I always leave time open around impending clients' births because it's hard to predict when the little ones will arrive. 


Do you edit all of your work?
I hand-edit each image individually to ensure that the exposure and coloring are accurate. I also retouch small details such as stained shirts, crumbs on little faces, runny noses, newborn blemishes, and the occasional head-swap when needed for those holiday card photos. If extensive retouching is desired, I am happy to provide a quote. 


How/when will I receive my images?
After your session, I provide 3 "sneak peek" images in your online gallery within the first 24 hours. I deliver the rest of your images within 3 weeks, unless a different timeframe is discussed in advance. When I have finished editing, you will receive an email from me with a link and password to your online gallery. 


What should we wear?
Wardrobe is a integral part of any family session, and i enjoy working together to ensure that what you have chosen will read beautifully on camera. There are certain items of clothing that tend to work best, and I love when clients include me in this process by texting photos of their wardrobe as it comes together. Please don't worry if you feel unsure about this...it is such a common concern! Generally, I suggest that families coordinate, but try to avoid matching too exactly. Neutrals (soft white, cream, gray) are lovely and allow the subject to shine through in the photo. Earth and jewel tones (blue, cream, mauve, soft green, plum, deep yellow, burgundy) also tend to photograph well, especially outdoors in New England. It's great to layer in some texture (a knit wool or eyelet cotton, for example) or pattern (a simple plaid or subtle floral). For young girls, I advise people to avoid anything too pink, frilly, or flowery and anything with writing or cartoon characters. I am always happy to help guide wardrobe selection, so please don't hesitate to run any thoughts or ideas by me!


How did you learn about photography?

From a really young age, I loved cameras and photos. When I was 20, my parents gifted me with my first SLR camera. I took it all over Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, across Europe, and the US. I had no idea what I was doing (evidenced by some pretty terrible images;)…but I loved it. When my first son was born in 2010, my husband gave me an upgraded DSLR camera, and in 2013, I opened my business. Though I am largely self-taught, I am also grateful to have learned & continue to learn from some of the most talented & inspirational artists in the business. 


Who owns the rights to the photos?

While you own the rights to share and print the photos however you'd like, I maintain the rights to the images to use for business purposes. 


What if we live a high-profile public lifestyle?

I am happy to keep your images private unless otherwise specified by you. I am also happy to sign and abide by an NDA. My clients' trust and privacy is of the upmost importance to me and I take protecting that extremely seriously. 


How do I book a session with you?

Thank you for asking! Please do not hesitate to contact me through the "contact" tab above or email me at saragraysonphotography@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!